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The stable launchpad reinventing the status quo

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Redpin is not your typical scale-up.

Yes, we have that ambitious vision. And the laser-focused discipline that maps out the journey we need to go on. And that’s combined with plenty of creativity and curiosity.

But, when it comes down to it, what scale-up aren’t we describing here?

What makes us different is our purpose – reinventing one of the world’s oldest industries, the property sector – and the foundation upon which we’re beginning our mission to tackle one of the most exciting challenges out there. A challenge whose solution, we believe, will make a huge difference to so many people.

There are three important elements to that foundation: our leadership, our background, and our financial firepower.

Our team

Our expert team consists of some of payments, software and property purchasing’s most respected leaders, united with the ambition to reshape the property payments and technology industry.

Led by Arnaud Loiseau, formerly of WorldRemit (now Zepz), King and Thomson Reuters, our team brings together experiences and talents from across a range of sectors.

That means alumni of PayPal,, Uber and more are all working side-by-side, bringing their unique perspectives from different industries to tackle something that hasn’t been done before. Each of The Redpin Group’s more than 800 employees decided that they want to try something new, challenge themselves and be a part of a new chapter.

Our background

We are hugely proud of our industry-leading position which companies in The Redpin Group have built over more than 20 years. Our flagship brands have transacted over $12.6bn in the last year alone, serving customers across 235 locations across the globe with an ecosystem of over 15,000 expert partners.

But most notable is the trust we have built with our customers via our two consumer-facing companies, Currencies Direct and TorFX. Due to our white glove customer service, our team has consistently earned Trustpilot scores of 4.9, year after year.

What that means is that we are in an exciting position to hit the ground running; to look to do something different on top of what our customers consistently tell us we do so well. We’ll continue to maintain their trust in us, while working to repay that trust with the impact we’ll make through Redpin’s next chapter.

Our financial firepower

Our business is not just growing - it’s demonstrated profitability. Unsustainable growth is not how we do business; we have been able to grow because we take a slow, steady, strategic perspective.

This sustainable growth – on the merits of our business model – combined with the financial firepower we’ve recently gained from investment from Blackstone, one of the world’s biggest private equity players, means we now have the stable launchpad and the rocket fuel to take off.

We plan to reshape the property payments industry into a connected, digital-first one. And, we have the financial backing and drive to deliver real change.

Come reshape the future of property payments and technology

We believe that the secret to our success is through the calibre of people we have on the team and the environment we offer for you to be your personal best.

We’re looking for people who believe in our values to help us live them every day as we continue to reshape the future of property payments and technology. We are growing fast and actively seeking ambitious, determined, curious and kind people to join us in building a new category within proptech.

Redpin offers the excitement of the fast-paced venture capital industry – where you are trusted, and given real responsibility – combined with the stability of the private equity industry. We believe this offers our team the greatest chance to be game-changers, giving them the confidence to do things differently.

We are a scale-up with a bold proposition to reinvent something – the property industry – that affects us all, and the financial firepower that gives us a very real opportunity at making it happen. And we’re only just getting started.

If you want to be a part of that, check out our careers page here.

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